I’m Victoria, a woman the wrong side of 30 with young twins in tow, a divorce behind me and of course plenty of baggage.  I work full time and enjoy it but feel terribly guilty for missing out on spending enough time with my kids whilst they can still tolerate being around me.  I have recently been lucky enough to spend some time working in the heart of the City of London and living in glamorous Barnes whilst also enjoying my country life back in rural Herefordshire.  Whilst most single mums have some sort of support network, perhaps parents on hand to help with child care or a sister who you can drink Prosecco with and share the trials of motherhood.  I on the other hand don’t have that, both parents have passed away, there are no aunts or uncles nearby and I was an only child.  This is my story of attempting to survive single parenthood on my own whilst trying to find my place in the world and not mess up my kids in the process.  Enjoy!